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2 thoughts to “Conditions of Use”

  1. Hi, doctors….I was wondering if it’s safe and beneficial to drink a shotglass of straight lemon juice at least once a day. Two months ago I had 2 surgeries in a week….first surgery was emergency because I had 100% blockage in one kidney because of a kidney stone. The second surgery was to remove stones and break a very large one to small pieces to pass. Two months later a CT scan reveals more stones and I’ve been in terrible pain for a week now. I heard lemonade is good but would I get faster results from straight lemon juice?

    1. Tracy, the citric acid in lemon is excellent for kidney stone prevention. We suggest adding it to water rather than drinking it straight. It won’t dilute out the beneficial effects, plus, you need to stay well hydrated and the extra water will help. Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time! Kidney stones are very painful. Hope you’ll feel better soon.

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