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We’re two medical doctors on a mission to help you live a longer, healthier life. It’s not always easy to do “the right thing,” but if you do it will make a difference in your life. We want to motivate you and make you aware of new developments that could impact your health. You’re not in this alone. We do our best to eat a healthy diet and exercise most days of the week. There are no easy shortcuts, but there are no hidden secrets either. We’re here to share our tips for healthy living with you so you can live healthier too.

Both of us attended medical school at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond and went on to specialize in Family Medicine. We practiced medicine in both Richmond, Virginia and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the winters finally drove us further south, and now make our home in Roanoke, Virginia. Here’s a little about each of us:

Dr. Apollo is a founding partner in Primary Care Associates, the largest independent provider of primary care medicine in the Roanoke/Salem area. He uses his knowledge and skills in his clinical practice to help people lead healthier lives by making smarter lifestyle choices. He believes in taking a balanced approach to medicine, using diet, fitness and lifestyle changes to prevent disease whenever possible and medications when necessary. He believes that medications shouldn’t be a replacement for a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

After practicing for 12 years, Dr. Kristie was bitten by the writing bug and has since published over 6,000 articles and 4 e-books on health, nutrition, supplements and fitness online. She spends time researching and reading the literature, looking for ways she can help people look and feel healthier. She has many practical and simple tips to share with you including suggestions for sticking with a fitness plan, losing weight and eating a healthier diet.

Do we “walk the walk”? We have been exercising for the past thirty years and eating a healthy diet for almost as long. You can say that we are committed to health. I think that has a lot to do with why we feel so good and rarely get ill – despite being around people who are sick. Hopefully we can inspire you to do the same.

7 thoughts to “About Us”

  1. Thank you for providing folks with helpful lifestyle information. I look forward to receiving your insights for good health!

    1. Elizabeth, we’re glad to have you on board! If you have specific topics you’d like covered, just let us know. 🙂

  2. Dr. Leong,

    Can you please tell me your views about taking Zocor for high cholesterol? I’ve taken it before and had muscle pain. Are there other ways to reduce really high cholesterol without taking statins?

    Thank you,

    Mary Price

  3. Could you do an article on how to tell sinus congestion (stuffy & runny nose, sneezing, facial pain, etc.) from allergies? Thanks!

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